Software Development

Any solution or concept is driven by the right functionality. Based on more than 15 years of experience in software development, creating professional “paperless” solutions, we and our customers know what we are talking about. The ability to easily access the right information at the right time and especially combined with (tailored) mobile concepts, gives PaceBlade Technology unique selling proposition. Whether it is in the sky under high, sometimes stress full condition, or on a deserted construction site: we make solutions mobile!

To empower “big data” management capabilities, we have recently added our MBSS (Managed Backup & Storage Solution). Because we faced the challenge of enormous data growth by creating our own solution. Again based on our experience and customer input, we are convinced we have created a very “user centric” powerful tool to secure, compress and manage “Big data”. This enables us to create (digital) information, secure it and manage it to the highest levels. To believe it, you need to see it! Call us for a demo!

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