TACCO Military use

TACCO offers some unique features for military use. Super-fast “ pilot friendly” checklists and security (up to NATO SECRET). The military checklists are specially designed for single-pilot fixed wing fighters, aircraft and helicopters and allows using them in a time-critical/combat environment. It is not a PDF reader but an custom made application, resembling a range of regular military operational and flight checklists and up to 75% faster than paper checklists.

The Windows 8 environment in combination with specific hardware will allow up to NATO SECRET use. No other EFB will offer such classification, critical for military use.

Future growth will allow the TACCO EFB suite to include tactical applications for planning (JMPS), C4ISR (ICC, Tactical imaging) and integration with aircraft or combat systems.

military_aviation_21 military_aviation_19 military_aviation_4 military_aviation_11 military_aviation_9 military_aviation_3 military_aviation_20 military_aviation_1_0 military_aviation_14 military_aviation_17 military_aviation_16 military_aviation_2 military_aviation_12 060725-F-2907c-424 military_aviation_1 military_aviation_5 military_aviation_6 military_aviation_15 military_aviation_7 military_aviation_22 EUROCOPTER / EC135," L'Helicoptere of Hermes", Daunoworth. military_aviation_8