What is a Tablet PC?

The Tablet PC is the next step in the evolution of the laptop computer: A fully functional computer that has more, can do more and gives you the freedom to be far more mobile than with a traditional laptop computer.

The Tablet PC introduces a whole new way of working, with powerful new technology and software. The Tablet PC together with Microsoft XP Tablet PC Edition, Microsoft Vista or Microsoft Windows 7 operating system has the power to completely replace traditional pen and paper with “digital ink”, revolutionising working efficiency and flexibility.

Tablet PCs are designed for mobile professionals: people who need to be productive away from the desk. For example people who are often in and out of meetings, people that work on the road, or take notes while standing. With new support for using ink combined with a lightweight form factor, built-in support for wireless networks, and a long battery life, the Tablet PC is ideal if you need to be mobile and efficiently productive while on the move.