TACCO Airline use

TACCO offers a proven range of applications, in use now with several airline companies worldwide. We have prepared an extensive approval support document based on EASA and FAA regulatory guidelines. This document is at the disposal of our customers to support the EFB operational approval application. The TACCO EFB modules have been approved by EASA regulatory authorities (Type A and Type B software) on Class 1 and Class 2 devices.

military_aviation_15 military_aviation_7 military_aviation_17 military_aviation_19 EUROCOPTER / EC135," L'Helicoptere of Hermes", Daunoworth. military_aviation_1 military_aviation_8 military_aviation_12 060725-F-2907c-424 military_aviation_14 military_aviation_22 military_aviation_4 military_aviation_20 military_aviation_11 military_aviation_16 military_aviation_2 military_aviation_21 military_aviation_9 military_aviation_5 military_aviation_3 military_aviation_6 military_aviation_1_0