Integrated total EFB solution

TACCO offers a total and integrated solution including software, hardware, BASE server, back-office software, an open or classified environment, training and support. All applications are integrated, can share data and are centrally controlled and maintained. TACCO will be able to interface with aircraft systems for advanced operational and tactical use. Windows 8 as OS will allow a the use of a wide range of commodity or custom made tablets designed for extreme environments (multiple sizes, high brightness displays, ruggedized, tempest proof, flight certified, ECM/EMI compliant and secure use). TACCO will support multiple military and airline aircraft with one common framework, you just choose the required applications and hardware depending on the use, the “core” stays the same.

military_aviation_20 military_aviation_8 military_aviation_12 military_aviation_19 military_aviation_3 military_aviation_15 military_aviation_5 military_aviation_11 military_aviation_21 military_aviation_6 military_aviation_2 060725-F-2907c-424 military_aviation_14 military_aviation_1_0 military_aviation_1 military_aviation_16 military_aviation_22 military_aviation_7 military_aviation_17 military_aviation_4 EUROCOPTER / EC135," L'Helicoptere of Hermes", Daunoworth. military_aviation_9