TACCO – TAblets for Combat COckpits

TACCO, made by pilots for pilots, is a fully integrated “Electronic Flight Bag” (EFB) which offers professional military and airline pilots a range of easy to use tablet apps. TACCO is an intuitive and smart EFB software suite, allowing full integration of the desired military flight and airline processes, and provides a platform for further growth. TACCO supports the pilots and flight crews in the execution of their tasks with the ultimate goal to maintain the level of safety and to increase efficiency in a demanding work environment.

Data exchange between the cockpit and the air force/airline back-­‐office is provided through a dedicated (secure) TACCO BASE server, which ensures timely and error-­‐free data and full control of the EFB’s in the field. The TACCO software suite consists of type A and B software modules and is – through its touch screen user interface – suitable for use on all Class 1, 2 or 3 EFB devises, or even a combination of all.

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