How tablets pay for themselves

You know Paceblade Technology BV as producer of rugged and semi-rugged tablet PCs that fit perfectly with your organization’s needs. But on top of that we also create the connectivity to your base software in all security environments. Based on our many years of experience in the field we are able to create the perfect tailored solution for you, our customer. Our strategy is based on conceptual selling:

By focusing on the specific needs of our end-users, we blend our expertise in the fields of Information and Technology to make their lives as easy as possible. First we list your Return-On-Investment goals and secondly we process these goals into a Proof of Concept. The final result is that the employee using our solution in the field is better able to perform his job, while simultaneously making your organization more efficient. Information Technology designed with the end-user and made by professionals, to let you achieve your goals.

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